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Newsstand kiosk advertising

Tourist Chat TV Module HDMI

Advertise your business on the digital kiosk display: roll the products images and social contents directly on your private display.

The display module is bundled with our offer: view pricing and join now!

Marketing Strategy

Why choose our platform for your advertising?

  • Become part of this huge tourism social network
  • Advertise your products and ideas to hundred of thousands of tourist from all over the world
  • Roll your advertising on mobile, web, tv and kiosks


How does it work?

  1. Join now for free
  2. Create your venue to relflect the display location
  3. Load your first product
  4. Get your promo code opening the left panel
  5. Start the kiosk newsstand module and insert the promo code



  • Supports display widescreen TV 16:9 1920×1080 or 4K resolution
  • Product List with pricing and brief description
  • News integrated with your company twitter and facebook page
  • Tourist Chat platform advertising
  • Invitation promo code and coupon management
  • Rolling Company description



Requires internet connectivity (ask for offline display support)