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Travel Guide Finder is a tourist chat app that is changing the concept you travel by making it more local and friendly.
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is better

We’re changing the concept you travel by making it more local and friendly!

We want you have an amazing experience every time you travel, tailoring your visit, meeting new friends.

Don’t you hate going on vacation and visiting only a few super clichéd places from cookie cutter travel guides? You deserve to really enjoy the place you visit, through travel companions can make you discover the best corners and shops, clubs and restaurants.

Download and Enjoy your visit

tailor your tour
choose your activity
taste local products
visit interesting place

The easiest way to travel abroad

Every day, thousands of people register on Travel Guide Finder from around the world. Install it and enjoy your trip!

How it works

Check it at any place to be finded and meet travel buddies right from your smartphone.

Tap on the venue you are interested in to see the list of the available travel guides.

For every POI you can see the list of available buddies: you can just start messaging with one tap.

Something is missing? Add your favourite venue in a few taps!


Find professional guide or a tourist like you to visit any interesting place in any interesting city.

Travel Guide Finder is best app to inspire global travelers, providing accurate content and covering all aspects of your holiday: find professional guides, share your visit with a large community of travelers, discover excellent products.






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