• Find a travel buddy, right here, right now.
    Find a travel buddy, right here, right now.
  • Professional guides immediately available
    Professional guides immediately available
  • No more lonely visit, always find a buddy
    No more lonely visit, always find a buddy
  • All the venus you need from a buddy powered map
    All the venus you need from a buddy powered map

Travel guide finder

Find a professional guide or a tourist like you to visit any interesting place in any interesting city all around the world. No reservation, no tickets, no early hassles: you land, you get to the venue and you tap on Travelguidefinder. Check in at any places to be finded and meet travel buddies right from your smartphone. And when you find your buddy, just start messaging with one tap.

Hundreds of venues

Something is missing? Add your favourite venue in a few taps and contribute to the biggest crowdsourced buddy network ever!
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How it works

Meet Travelbot
Don't miss the chance to meet Travelbot. He's a clever fancy buddy always available for you, even when guides or buddies don't dare to check-in. Travelbot will always…
Find a travel guide
Tap on the venue you are interested in to see the list of the available travel guides. No guide available immediately? Check the daily schedule for the venue.…
Check in to the venue
For every POI you can see the list of available buddies: tourists just like you that checked in to the venue. You can start chatting immediately or check…
Chat real time
You can chat with a guide or a buddy directly from the app so that your privacy is perfectly guaranteed. And don't forget Travelbot: a virtual travel companion…
Add new venues
If you register as a professional tour guide, you can add any venue missing to our crowdsourced map. Add venues and then schedule your tours for thousands of…
Georeferenced map
Open the map and found all the interesting venues right around you. Otherwise, you can use the search to find any city in the world you want to visit. Download…


On time
  • I want to show my venues on the map
    If you own a venue or a venue brand and you want to partner with Travel guide finder, just drop us a line: we're always happy to get partners on board
  • I’m a professional guide
    You can register as a professional guide directly from the app and setup your schedule to any venue. If the venue is not available, you can add it in a few taps.
  • I want to contribute to the community
    If you want to integrate our platform, you can find a complete set of SDK-API to add your available products and start your marketplace today. Drop us a line to get more details.
  • I want to get a souvenir of my travel
    If you are a registered user you can unlock exclusive and limited souvenirs, sold by our partners and georeferenced close to your favourite venues.
  • I want to work with you
    If you are a student and you want to join a young and fun team to deliver the best crowdsourced travel community, send us your resume: we'll be glad to evaluate your profile.



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