Tourist Chat: The Travel Guide Finder | The Offer features
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The Offer features

Complete list of the features:


  • Mobile app compatible with iOS, Android and Web
  • Internal login using email
  • Social login using Facebook or Google
  • Configure your profile photo and description
  • Multilanguage on the app and on the contents: each single content can be translated
  • Broadcast Messages with Text, Audio, Images
  • Promote your products or services with Photo Square and Landscape
  • Direct Cart Checkout
  • RSS and Facebook Page Advertising
  • Map with Point of interest and Peoples
  • List of nearby Peoples
  • Wall with Advertising: Products, Tours, Messages, Photos
  • Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Tour Booking
  • Restaurant Booking and complex bookings
  • PDF Export of reservations
  • Qr Code Coupons and topic search
  • Qr Code Printable Stickers generator
  • iBeacons and Bluetooth integration for Proximity Marketing
  • E-Commerce integration for mobile-commerce
  • Create your own Point of Interest / Shop
  • Invitation ticket for partners and travel guides

TV Display

  • Product list
  • Information Point
  • Twitter
  • Platform Advertising
  • Coupon and Discount Management


  • Qr Code Printable Stickers generator
  • Roll-up advertising branded Tourist Chat
  • Marketing brochure for partners
  • T-Shirt Tourist Chat branded
  • Tea CUP Tourist Chat branded