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mock05xHave you ever been all alone in a museum? Staring at wonderful pieces of art without fully understanding them, while all around happy groups of people was listening to well prepared and fun guides. But you well know that to get there, they needed to go through a lot of hassles, day after day for weeks before leaving. Finding the right guide, the right tour, setting up the pick up and joining a (boring) organized travel group.

But with Travel Guide Finder you can find a professional tour guide right on the venue you want to visit, right when you need it. You land everywhere in the world, you walk to an interesting venue and you tap on Travel Guide Finder. Immediately, you see all the points of interest around you. Tapping on a venue you can see the list of available professional travel guides and tourists like you. Yes, sometimes you don’t need a guide but just a buddy like you to take a tour together. You can check yourself in to show when you will be available or tap on any contact on the list to send out a message.

Travel Guide Finder is dedicated to all the friendly travellers out there who wants to spend their days off doing something nice in good company: sports, monuments, wineries (yes, we have wineries…at the end of the day we are an Italian team) and many other activities with thousands of travel buddies available right when you need them.

No early travel planning and no fees, Travel Guide Finder offers a “right here right now” experience. No long and demanding touristic activities, just the chance of doing what you want during your spare time with some buddies. All you need to do is select a venue and check-in to show to other travellers when you are available to take a tour with them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Travel Guide Finder is a FREE app proudly delivered to all the travel enthusiasts of the world by Xiaprojects, a young italian mobile agency. We are friendly people with a passion for travels but really few days off and even lesser spare time to plan our travels. So, every time we jumped on a plane for a last-second-planned weekend in some wonderful unknown city in the world, we felt like we were missing something. With Travel Guide Finder, we have found the way to sort the best out of our beloved holidays!


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